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Strawberry Chunk Nibbles

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Our Strawberry flavor is a snack that is BURSTING with red berries and the mouth-watering natural sweetness they instantly deliver to your tongue. A light coating unites REAL dehydrated strawberries, crunchy pretzels, corn chex ,and salty peanuts forming an irresistible crunchy fruity cluster of goodness, WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE? A bright, flavorful treat that is impossible to put down and ridiculously satisfying to snack on. You can enjoy these bright & flavorful snacks on their own for a little afternoon snack, along side a cup of coffee, in a bowl of milk, or as a topping on your favorite ice cream, yogurt, cupcakes, cakes, etc- the options are endless!

A little bliss in every bite! Guaranteed SNACKISFACTION or your money back!


  • Sweet and salty clusters make for a scrumptious anytime treat
  • Irresistible combination of real dehydrated strawberries, salty peanuts, crunchy pretzels & corn squares brought together with a delicious light coating
  • Crunchy texture for a satisfying snap with every bite

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