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The Nutcracker Tonie

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Clara receives a nutcracker doll as a Christmas present from her godfather. What Clara doesn't realize is that this isn't just any nutcracker. Join Clara and the Nutcracker on this magical journey, from defeating the Rat King to traveling to the Land of Sweets and meeting the Snow Queen. 

The Tonie teaches kids about: 

  • Making new friends 
  • Using your imagination 
  • Classical music



Songs and Stories:

1. Intro 
2. The Christmas Party 
3. The Nutcracker 
4. The Enchanted Forest and the Snow Queen 
5. The Land of Sweets 
6. The Parade and All the Sweets 
7. Waltz of the Flowers 🎵
8. Pas de deux 🎵
9. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies 🎵
10. Princess Clara Stahlbaum 
11. Christmas Magic

Total Run Time: 79 minutes

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